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We sell burgers, plain and simple.  You won't find any hot dogs on this truck.  It starts with great meat, and ends with you being satisfied.  We try to be creative and feature new specialty burgers from time-to-time, so be sure to check out the menu board every time you visit OG.  And of course, every burger can be meat-free with a homemade veggie patty (made from brown rice and black beans).

OG Stands for Original Grass-Fed Burgers

OG stands for Original Grass-Fed Burgers. That means our meat comes from small farms across the country that take care of their animals.  It also means that our Burgers taste amazing!  Founded in 2011, we are truly one of Denver’s OG’ist Food Trucks! We cater all events including office lunches, outdoor festivals, weddings and parties at your house.  If you are a vegetarian we got you covered too with our Home-made Veggie Burger.  When you see the bright green machine heading your way, grab the family and get in line. We cook everything fresh and serve it with smiles all around.